Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Los Angeles Movers

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They’re international territoriality Los Angeles Movers morning guys so it is July th its exactly a.m. right now and were about to board our one-way flight to Boston California I can’t believe it or just about his mom which is really really sad I said bye to my parents this morning too but like I’m going to seethe in two days so it wasn’t I said Did cry them because I mom was crying and it was inevitable.

But thank you excited nervous excited there is anxious yeah hungry no don’t get hurt I’m alone on you we did not sleep this morning stall you plan on sleeping I took sleeping pill didn’t work so I was just like so overwhelmed and then we woke spat like two showers got ready got reheat like checked in our bags but their security and now we’re just waiting to board our flight it is it you have our best we’re taking them with carry-on it’s here and then we checked in two bags a large was of course overweight so we had to like shove other stuff over but I wasn’t over it by two pounds yeah mile is actually I want to share me a hundred bucks.

For nanotechnology gonna make it work American Airlines let me go last time was like seven bombs over I didn’t care but that’s okay you know Guess this will be the start to our movie all of our vices are you guys sow just made it to Los Ange lessee concrete we’re looking at right now finally made it picked up our bags we got all this stuff and now what are we waiting for two days and that was I know it feels like home really because same thing welcome home so it’s way later in the day it inexactly p.m. it feels like waylayer because we’ve been up for so long since like a.m. but we got our canard then went to our apartment it is beautiful.

I love it I fell in love wit hit did you hell yea hit’s very dismal it’s it’s really small it’s cute we did get a studio because in Los Angeles like that’s all we could afford right now but the building itself it’s gorgeous there’s inside parking we have reserved.

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