Features Of Domestic Violence That Make Everyone Love It

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Defense attorney Aaron Dooryard and if you’ve been charged with domestic violence in the state of Michigan or any other crime give me call seven three four four five three seven eight zero six or shoot me an email at Bovary law a gmail comm I’m by one of the most successful personal injury firms in the nation the Beasley Allen law firm founded by former Alabama leads in a governor Jerry Beasley and hosted.

past president of the American Association for justice at partner in the Beasley Allen law firm this is the Beasley Island report here’s your host Gibson fans welcome to the Beasley Allen report domestic violence hits homes in every community it has devastating effect on victims children’s families and communities in Alabama an abuser does not have the right to beat his or her spouse and recently.

Alabama has made Tucson domestic violence lawyer changes in domestic violence laws to help the victims of crimes tonight my guest is Montgomery Attorney my good friend being shot at then we’ll discuss changes and domestic violence law and the punishments against abusers then welcome to the show thanks well we’d like to start every show with little bit of a background of our guest you’ve been on the show before.

But let’s go through your history you started practicing law with sure I actually started practicing law back in and right here in Montgomery and started outta the district attorney’s office handling all kinds of different crimes including domestic violence crimes and now where you do I’m actually doing criminal defense work now I’m on the other side of the table and we do a lot of personal.

Injury work as well I spent two years in the district attorney’s office you know some of the finest attorneys in Montgomery started out at the district attorney’s office it’s good way to gain experience and it’s good way to get to try cases it is one thing.

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