Understanding The Background Of Tucson Ac Repair

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Actuator so here how to attach my test leads to those two wires on the right end in the middle and as you can see we’ve got about five thousand ohms of resistance right now so if this potentiate is working correctly as I turn this knob for our temperature control the resistance we see here should change and as you can see indeed it does so this potentiate is not at all but down.

The rabbit-hole we go next up to our blend or actuator this guy right here this thing sits on top of this planner like this and this piece here opens and closes tucson air conditioning the blend door in there which allows for either hotter or cooler a cold air to flow through our vent system so again if this is working correctly as we turn that temperature knob this thing should move as well and as you can see.

It does move as we turn the temperature knob all right so unfortunately it seems that the problem is the actual blend or and then the mechanical blend or inside that plenum itself and from the research they can find online seems to be a common problem where it breaks and then the hot air and the cold air combined and come out of your air vents together and unfortunately the cure for that is that you have to place that in tight housing with the blender insider but you can’t just replace the blend door.

And air to the place and housing you have to remove from the inside of your dash and I’m sure it’s a pretty big job of having looked at the labor hours for that but I have to talk to the owner and see whether he wants to do that or not I would be feeling that he’s not going to I spoke way too soon to this thing million ninety-seven mercury I imagine this controlled for the temperature would be either clinically controlled by cable or by vacuum but as you can see this is actually a controlled by potentiate.

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