Why You Should Not Go To Tucson Ac Repair

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little gravity feed in this system now I’m listening because just because it’ll hold a vacuum doesn’t mean a less fairly hold pressure so I’m listening for any kind of a noise air hissing sound which I don’t hear I’m watching this gauge up here you can watch this gauge you can see the gauge start falling soon as I gaze gets to the lowest point I’m going to shut the valve off I’m going to start the unit and then I’m going to open it back up AC compressor will kick on the low side will go all the way down as soon as it goes down this low point I’ll shut the valve I’ll Spock another can I’ll purge my air and I’ll do this until I get the pressures on it tonight it’s about degrees.

we’re still holding pretty good on the vacuum my valve shut I’m going to puncture the side of this can sure decides clean like that all you do is like that okay for something don’t open these valves first because we have air in this line right here what you want to do is you want to release that air so just hit this until you see that did you see that you’re done I’m going to open up the low side valve and I’m going to hold my can up high that way.

I shall not tell a lie new ac unit Tucson so yeah no wonder we had a Freon leak and then that’s the other line that was a regular flare but guess I give you some Teflon tape on it so there you go and I get it cleaned up get it’s wedged in and get them braised in pull the vacuum and get everything put back together so I can go home I don’t normally use matte gas but for this this little thing right here I decided just.

I told her that if I was the one doing this job I would have tried to talk them into moving and over and then go straight down or just straight out the wall and then come across and then down versus doing all this so if you’re doing one of these jobs kind of kind of pay attention to what you’re what you’re doing and go as short as you possibly can I know they went an extra what two foot there and down there and then all the way across the bottom so they actually had enough lines that if they would have just went straight out up here and then down on the outside.

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