How To Get People To Like Tucson Ac Repair

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Okay here we have a Samsung window portable window air conditioner unit um pick this little window unit up while at our community dump site getting back to the unit it’s just a little cheap aka you know cheap Chinese air conditioner Samsung is a Korean brand that this one is made in China it looks like somebody has used a bunch of duct tape to go around.

where the wings was Tucson ac repair supposed to go and what’s left at this one here is broken in some spots um can’t complain about the price I thought I’d bring it home so let’s try to plug it in and see what happens okay we got it plugged in let’s see what happens just going to turn it on fan in the beginning see what it does okay we got definite lees got a weak fan that’s for sure smell that cat here okay well our fan is running but it’s very slow don’t really have any excessive current draw.

I mean it’s not dimming my lights or anything down so I know it shouldn’t be a short let’s see what happens when we put it on the air-conditioner for who and don’t even hear a click out of the thermostat okay well I think I have a suspicion is what it is but the only way to find out is to pull the cover and see what the trouble is okay with the cover pull I’ve already noticed that in checking our culprit which would be our main capacitor in here power capacitor it looks like we have a leaky capacitor I already got some gunk on there and looks like it’s been possibly leaking up.

Here looks like a and then a micro farad at volts AC so that is the culprit I’m going to disconnect my wires and take a reading from it that’s the only way to know whether you’ve got a pad cap or not is to take a reading but before we do that you should always have your wiring diagram for your unit typically comes when you take a / unit like this apart typically would have a wiring diagram located within somewhere within the chassis this one was laying right on top.

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