How Much Do You Know about Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson?

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was some sort of injury those people they could be called there could be a variety of ways that the prosecutor gets evidence into the case and obviously photographs of injuries I mean if there’s any injuries you better believe that the police officers are to take pictures of it so even if the window complaining witness doesn’t want to testify disappears say flees the country if there’s a photograph we’re not advising anybody to no absolutely not but for example they could absolutely prove.

their case with photographs with independent witnesses and as Valerie said phone call a certain statements like call statements made the medical personnel there’s certain circumstances where these statements come into court even if the witness themselves are not there and that could be enough to seal the deal for the prosecutor case so I guess the bottom line here is that if you don’t want to testify against your loved one and you believe you are gonna have to testify against.

your loved one it is a very highly advisable to get your own attorney different than the defendants attorney to advise you because there’s a lot of complex legal issues surrounding this thing so all all these circumstances every case has its own set of circumstances so please feel free to call Valerie Jared or myself we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might Alexandra Dubrovnik here one of the type of cases that I deal with the most and then I get the most questions about and that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about is Arizona domestic violence cases if you have any questions about these types of cases please.

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