The Truth About Houston Movers Is About To Be Revealed

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I had to stop Ariel she was rolling sideways let’s give Ariel another pole here oh well she already touched this one we’ll open this wall easy for Ariel the other princesses aren’t going for them they’re like where are they into Jersey that is so cool let’s see how long they’ll go for Oh Rapunzel stop first Wow Ariel can feel for a really long time huh she’s spun so fast that she was spinning sideways earlier who’s gonna drop first who’s gonna drop first if you.

can’t stick against choppers it’s Ariel let’s put bail on her stand here and then let’s put Ariel on her Stan and we’ll pull them again in just a bit let’s get this Lalaloopsy minis open first I love this surprise container look at this and inside we have a bunch of surprises plus the background scene here you gotta see this is a bedroom and down here it’s a bed so let’s get this first line bag and see what we have we have cute pink hair with yellow.

stars oh we have a Houston movers mermaid fins here’s our accessory a shell purse wow this one can be Ariel’s friend let’s put her hair on oh so cute and let’s put her mermaid fin on there we aren’t super awesome she comes with a key little purse and we can lay her down or kind of sort of have her lean back yeah let’s find out who she is meet dot dress up coral seashells super cool let’s have her sit right there and since Ariel already has her surprise let’s see if we can get Rapunzel to get one there.

like ballerinas they don’t spin far away they like to sing in a circle these are so cool she’s not spinning anywhere so Jasmine and he’s holding on to her leg oh she stopped let’s get this next this.

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